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Youth and connected viewing: Mutations in media culture.

Couple séries en ligneThe purpose of our research is to categorize and classify the types of audio-visual entertainment contents (movies, series, video clips) that Youth (12-17 years) and Young Adults (18-25 years) are viewing and accessing on the Internet, as well as identify the viewing conditions, the discoverability practices and the meanings constructed through and within these practices.

In particular, we aim to understand how devices using the Web2.0 platform participate in the emergence of new audio-visual entertainment viewing and reception practices, contribute to the development of original content and help transform the relational dynamics surrounding the reception of audio-visual productions in a connected world.

Researchers:  Christine Thoër, Florence Millerand, Nina Duque, Judith Gaudet, Joseph Levy, Serge Proulx, Pierre Barrette et Caroline Vrignaud  (coordinator)

Financing: CRSH Subvention savoir (2014-2017)

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